Project Manager (CCS)

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The main mission of the position is to manage the investment project of capturing CO2 emissions (CCS - Carbon Capture and Storage) at the Cementownia Kujawy supported by the EU fund. Preparation and supervision of the project implementation with full responsibility for safety, budget and project implementation time.


  • management of the full CCS scope including on-site Capture:
  • CriocapTM FG : PSA- Pressure Swing Adsorption &CPU-Compression Purification Unit, ASU (Air Separation Unit), Flue Gas Treatment, Water Cooling System, Wastewater Treatment, CO2 Tank, Train Loading Station and Electrical Substation
  • Interconnector (CO2 transport)
  • Onshore storage
  • responsibility for the budget, deadline and security during projects implementation
  • supervision over the effective implementation of the projects, taking into account the required corporate management processes in the field of design, procurement, project implementation and safety standards
  • defining and implementing projects implementation schedules, taking into account critical paths
  • regular reporting and leading the projects SteerCo Meetings
  • responsibility for fulfilling obligations and managing contractors
  • building a strong team and organizing it in a way that enables the implementation of ambitious project assumptions in the period of 4-5 years and beyond
  • responsibility for safety and direct cooperation with contractors and teams in the Holcim Group at local and global level
  • cooperation with self-government and government administration in order to obtain appropriate permits and commissioning installations
  • representing Lafarge in the various CCS bodies and consortiums
  • building relationships with the local & global business decarburization partners (e.g. AL, PKN Orlen, PGNiG, AGH, Schlumberger, INiG, PLK, IK, etc.)
  • ongoing the project supervision over the implementation process through individual goals for the team, validation of goals


  • higher technical education, recommended in the field of design engineering in the gas industry
  • fluent knowledge of the English language (B2 / C1)
  • strong focus on timeliness and costs confirmed by the achievements of the projects carried out
  • ability to read P&ID diagrams / process datasheet / equipment specification / gas industry standards
  • experience in carrying out similar projects in terms of scope and budget
  • knowledge of the principles of implementing projects co-financed from funds other than the investor's own (EU, Polska Strefa Inwestycji, NFIOŚ, etc.)
  • proven experience in running successful investment projects supported by various funds
  • managerial and analytical skills, business maturity, entrepreneurship
  • self-motivation, resilience and the ability to work under strong pressure
  • effective leadership - the ability to motivate and engage employees
  • great care and pressure as well as effective enforcement of work safety standards
  • knowledge of the mechanisms and principles of operation of large corporate companies and / or small independent producers
  • knowledge of the apparatus industry: chemical, energy, refining and cement
  • maintaining ongoing contacts with suppliers / subcontractors
  • management of multi-million equipment / gas projects in various technical sectors, e.g. civil engineering, energy, control and measurement equipment, process control, static and rotating installations, piping / gas pipelines)


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