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Tent is looking to recruit a bright, organized, and hard-working events, communications, andpartnerships manager fluent in Polish, and able to communicate effectively in English, to helpsupport our communications and partnerships efforts in Poland.


-Organize and execute a range of in-person Tent events, including refugee-hiring fairs,workshops, and CEO-level dinners. This includes project management of events frombeginning to end: identifying venues and liaising with agencies, sending invites, trackingattendance, overseeing collateral production, preparing briefing materials, amplifyingthrough comms and social, and supporting the Country Director on liaising/managingwith key partners. This may also occasionally include support of larger pan-European orother multi-market events

-Organize and execute virtual Tent events, such as regular webinar series showcasingcompanies hiring refugees. This includes working with the Country Director to identifytopics and speakers, draft questions, and set up virtual meetings

-Track costs and ensure activities are on budget and on timeComms & Marketing

-Vet and tee up a pipeline of speaking opportunities for the Country Director, providingthem with support in the lead-up to events by drafting speaking points, liaising with eventorganizers, promoting externally, etc

-Copy-edit and proof written content such as reports, press releases, social media copy,and marketing materials in Poland

-Support the execution of communications activities such as press campaigns andlaunches including: drafting/tailoring press releases, drafting quotes, liaising andoverseeing journalists, and developing media relations

-Support in the development production of pitch decks, two-pagers, and other materialshelpful to advance Tent’s work required by the Country Director

-Support in the adaption of Tent global “best practice” resources to PolandPartnerships

-Provide operational support for Tent’s mentorship initiatives, for example draftingmaterials and resources for mentors and mentees, responding to enquiries, andidentifying challenges

-Conduct research and outreach to nonprofit and other organizations to identify additionalpartners that can help connect companies to refugee talent

-Conduct research on companies we are targeting to join Tent or our initiatives;coordinate follow-up/communications

-Develop and conduct trainings for companies on a range of topics related to refugeeinclusion


- Bachelor’s degree

- Experience working in a communications, campaigns, partnerships, or accountmanagement environment either agency side or in-house

- Event management experience

- Excellent written and spoken fluency Polish; ability to work in English (strong writing andstrong speaking skills to operate fully in English with other Tent colleagues)

- Second-to-none writing skills (especially for a corporate audience) in Polish

- Strong relationship management skills

- Proven ability to manage up and to manage expectations among senior members of theteam

- Experience working in fast-paced environments juggling multiple projects and competingdeadlines

- Strong, proven project management skills

- An obsessive eye for detail & a grammar pedant

- Proficiency with PowerPoint

- Confident presentation skills


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